Gigi Rock – Connector for Southwestern Medicine Women.  I would like to take credit for being the Creator, but Spirit is the Creator.  Spirit guides us to many new, beautiful, and sometimes challenging areas.  In this case, Spirit wasn’t gentle in telling me to create this program, but quite aggressive 🙂  I’m assuming I wasn’t listening, so a nice shove made me aware, and I moved forward. 

Just a little bit about me:  I come from a long line of herbalists (Medicine Women).  I have worked with herbs and plant medicine for as long as I can remember.   I have a Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology and have the honor of working with many indigenous medicine women and men from around the globe.  We teach each other about our plant medicine and work with it.  

“A mentor once told me I had ancient wisdom with herbs; I have an uncanny knack for connecting with ancient plants for healing.”

Through “hands-on” teachings, I will help you explore your True Authentic Self, find and connect to your plant medicine, and learn how to work with it.

Private teachings or group teachings, you can choose 2-3 days.