We are looking for businesses and individuals who would like to donate goods and services to the Southwestern Medicine Women Gathering.

Goods and services donated to our program raffle are being collected, then displayed at the event where participants can purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win. All proceeds from the raffle tickets go to the Healing the Sacred Hoop Organization

Food and beverage donations are enjoyed by participants or staff and teachers

Healing the Sacred Hoop’s Mission

Grandmothers working through Indigenous Elders, Shamans and Medicine People via ceremony, sharing and honoring sacred sites around the world as per established protocols. This helps to fulfill many indigenous prophecies that predict the coming together of all the races in this time.

  • To remember the Migration stories shared from time immemorial to activate our higher consciousness.

  • To share these memories in a way that promotes recognition of “Natural Law” as it pertains to ecological, environmental and sustainable practices.

  • To empower the Youth with indigenous knowledge that reflect their experience, values and teachings.

If you would like to help women attend this Gathering, you can donate on their behalf, your donation will go towards other women who need your support.


Please click  Donation_Form to help other women attend the Southwestern Medicine Women Gathering.

If you would like to donate to Healing the Sacred Hoop Organization, please use this online FORM

If you would like to donate an item to the raffle OR food/beverage for participants to enjoy, please connect with us via EMAIL